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Before you schedule that roof inspection, it's wise to ensure you've done as much research as possible. Homeowners who are in need of a roof repair, replacement, or leak repair want to be sure that they choose the most qualified roofing specialist for the job.

Every home will have its own specific roofing needs, and choosing a trustworthy roofing company will help avoid potential issues down the line. The following tips can help homeowners find the best professional roofer for their needs. Here are our top 10 tips to help you choose the right company for any roofing service you need!

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1. Ask Friends & Acquaintances for Recommendations

First, try word-of-mouth. While it might seem obvious, asking friends and family for recommendations is the best way to start the search. Ultimately, this makes the search quicker and easier, as a friend or family member’s experience is more trustworthy than anything written online. 

2. Read Online Reviews & Testimonials

While not every opinion online can be trusted, the general consensus among numerous reviews can usually give us a good idea of the quality of a company’s work. These reviews and testimonials should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as some people may oversell the quality of a business’s work.

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3. Double Check That They Offer the Services Required Beforehand

As every roofing company offers different services, it's vital to check that the company in question can perform the services needed. If a total roof replacement is needed, a company that only offers roof repairs will be of no use to the client. Read more here in our articles about how to know when it's time to replace a roof and whether you should repair or replace your roof.

4. Check That They Can Work with the Materials Required

Clients who have a special type of roof may need to seek out the services of a roof specialist to perform the work. For example, houses with a metal roof or a flat roof can be best repaired by roofing companies that have experience working with such roofing materials.

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5. Check Their Insurance

All home improvement companies must possess the proper insurance for their specific area of expertise. Any company that does not have insurance should be regarded as disreputable and untrustworthy. At LOA, our roofing contractors are licensed and insured to provide any leak repair, replacement, or roofing damage service that you need.

6. Check if They Work With Homeowner’s Insurance

Many roofing companies work directly with insurance companies, which makes filing claims for repairs and replacements easier. Clients who know they will need to go through insurance should seek out a roofing company that has such experience. This will make the filing process much easier.

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7. Ask if the Company is Bonded

When a company is ‘bonded,’ it essentially means that all money given to them for the project is protected. If there are any issues with the project, the customer will get their money back. Customers can feel more secure giving a deposit to a bonded company.

8. Review Their Certifications & Licenses

When searching for a roofing company to work on your residential or commercial roofing project, it is vital to check that they have the proper licenses and certifications to perform work in the given area. Every region is different, so it is important to look into what licenses are required in the area and make sure that the prospective roofing company possesses them.

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9. Check How Long the Company has Been in Business

In virtually any field, longer-standing businesses are associated with greater experience and quality. They are also less likely to be running a scam. As we mentioned earlier, taking a look at their Google Reviews, as well as Yelp ratings, etc. can give you a pretty good idea of whether the roofing company you've chosen to work with is reliable or not.

10. Look at Their Work History

As with any big purchase, it’s a good idea to look into the provider’s previous work to understand the quality of their work. Even if there are no pictures on their website, clients can ask the business owner directly for images of past work. Upon seeing these images, clients can form a more educated opinion.

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Choose Our Roofing Company!

Have wind damage, need flat roof repair, or a brand new asphalt roof installation? Getting roof work done is a serious matter and a big investment - for both residential and commercial roofing clients alike. Customers should always do thorough research on any prospective company before making their final decision. While the internet can be a great source of information, contacting a specialist to assess the roof’s condition is highly recommended.

LOA Construction is a top roofing company in Austin, TX with over 30 years of combined experience. We are proud to recently have been honored as a Top 100 Roofing Contractor in the country! Our team serves the areas of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Belton, Temple, and Killeen. We can help you better understand how to properly maintain your roof to withstand inclement weather, what the expected lifespan of your roof is, and more.

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Our Roof Types & Services

LOA Construction can provide a wide range of roof installations. These include asphalt shingle replacement, repair, and maintenance services, clay tile and slate tile installations, metal roofing services for residential and commercial clients, TPO, Built-Up/Mod-Bit, EPDM, and flat roofing work for commercial and industrial clients, and more.

Other services we provide include roof coatings, service and maintenance, roof repairs and replacements, leak repairs by vent pipes, emergency repairs, and hail damage repairs. We even do general construction work such as commercial buildouts, drywall, framing, painting, and patios.

Contact LOA Today!

Ready for a roof estimate? We serve our clients in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Round Rock, and beyond! Contact us to learn more about roof shingles and clay tile roofs.

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