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Need siding installations or window replacements in the Austin, TX area? The LOA siding and window installation team offers same-day estimates and work scheduled within the week. We perform our siding and window installations with precision, care, and the best construction techniques in the industry! Ready to get started with siding and window contracting services? Contact us today!

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Residential Window & Siding Installations, Replacements & Repairs

New siding and windows can dramatically improve the look of your home. Window and siding installations performed by our construction professionals include the support of a customer service team and a production team to provide ongoing, responsive service.

At LOA Construction, we have a 24/7 phone response and are always in communication – we won’t disappear, fail to show up as scheduled, or hold back the work of other trades. Our general contractors do the job right the first time and are focused on beautiful installations – and we won’t leave a mess behind!

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Why Choose LOA for Siding & Window Installations?

LOA Construction is an Austin-based, local construction company. We are proud to be known for the quality of our work, and outstanding level of customer service for every siding replacement and window installation we handle.

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Siding Installations in Austin, TX

Types of Residential Siding Installations

At LOA Construction, our team of siding installers works on existing homes with customers, real estate developers, and others engaged in building new homes. Contact us for the right type of siding installation today! From vinyl, to wood, to veneer, Modern siding materials are available to suit every home and budget. The options LOA Construction offers include:

  • Vinyl siding: Vinyl siding is among the most popular siding materials that homeowners choose, as it is very durable and comes in all colors and designs. 
  • Slate veneer, stone veneer: A home exterior can take on a rich natural beauty with slate or stone veneer siding. This type of siding creates a strong exterior on a home, requires minimal maintenance, and lasts for decades without needing replacement.
  • Wood siding: Classic wood siding can be a beautiful enhancement for any home. Cedar siding is naturally resistant to decay and brings an added layer of insulation to a home. 
  • Metal siding: Metal siding is lightweight, can be installed rapidly and can be pre-painted during the manufacturing process. 
  • Stucco: Stucco siding is one of the most durable of all types of home siding materials. It is resistant to fire and insects and helps to keep a home cooler in the hot summer months. The surface can be textured or smooth to suit the design and wishes of the customer.
  • Brick veneer: A brick exterior on a home gives it a classic look that has remained popular through the ages. Brick veneer can be installed on an entire house or a section to create a timeless elegance.
  • Fiber cement siding: Fiber cement siding is available in various designs and, when installed, can appear to be wood, shingles, or other material. This type of siding is exceptionally durable and requires little to no maintenance.
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Types of Residential Window Installations

Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and with a range of features. The ideal type of window for your home will depend on whether a customer is seeking custom windows, or is more interested in reducing energy bills by installing energy-efficient windows, etc. At LOA Construction, we install all types of windows on existing homes and new builds, including picture windows, bay windows, casement windows, vertically hung windows, awning windows, and custom-designed options.

  • Picture windows: These are large, stationary windows that provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outside, often used to showcase beautiful outdoor scenery.
  • Bay windows: Bay windows are a three-sectioned window that extends out from the wall in a polygonal or semi-circular shape, creating a sense of space and providing panoramic views.
  • Casement windows: Casement windows are hinged on one side and swing outward, operated by a crank. Installation requires precise fitting of the hinges and mechanism to ensure smooth operation and airtight sealing when closed.
  • Vertically hung windows: These are traditional windows where sashes slide vertically. Single-hung windows have a fixed top sash, while double-hung windows allow both sashes to move.
  • Awning windows: Similar to casement windows, awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, resembling an awning when opened.
  • Custom-designed windows: Need a custom window installation? The window installers at LOA Construction can provide different design options for your home or business. We'll discuss pricing for specific framing, glass types, and structural considerations.

Fiberglass framed windows with triple pane glass, or vinyl window frames with double pane glass offer exceptional energy efficiency. Saving on power bills, and keeping the cooled or heated air inside reduces energy use. Find out more here about how to choose replacement windows.

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Commercial Siding Installations in Austin

A commercial property can be dramatically improved by installing brand new siding. Heavy storms often move through the Austin area, and over time, the siding on a structure will begin to show signs of wear due to hail or rain.

At LOA Construction, our commercial siding installers work closely with property owners, real estate agents, and developers to perform siding installations. We offer a same day estimate and can schedule the work ASAP.

Commercial Window Installations

At LOA Construction, our commercial window installation specialists can transform a commercial property with new windows. We install all types of commercial building windows, with a vast selection of options to suit any structure.

Your commercial property can be dramatically enhanced with large glass windows, double hung windows, transom windows or other design. We install storefront windows, school windows, and windows on all types of commercial structures, of any size or design.

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Window Installation Services in Austin, TX

Siding & Window Contracting FAQs

  • What to look for in a siding contractor?

Look for a siding contractor with a proven track record, valid licenses, and insurance. Seek recommendations or reviews to gauge reliability and quality of work. Ensure they offer a warranty on both materials and labor.

  • What would a general contractor charge to repair a window or siding?

The cost varies widely based on damage extent and material. For window repairs, expect around $100 to $500, and for siding, costs can range from $200 to over $1000. Always get a detailed quote from your siding or window contractor.

  • What kind of contractor to get for window leaks?

For window leaks, hire a contractor specializing in window installation and repair. They can accurately diagnose the cause of the leak and have the expertise to fix it effectively, whether it's a seal issue, frame damage, or a problem with the installation itself.

  • How much does window installation cost?

Window installation costs vary by window type, size, and material. On average, it ranges from $300 to $1,000 per window, including labor. Specialty or high-end windows can cost more. Always get a detailed quote for accurate pricing.

  • How long does siding or window installation take?

Siding installation on an average-sized home can take 1-2 weeks. Window installation typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour per window, but this varies with complexity, type/style, and the total number of windows.

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