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With more than 30+ years in the industry, LOA Construction is a full service construction company, including general contracting services like framing construction. Our framing contractors provide framing for homes and commercial buildings alike. Our team is proud to be known for our superior framing work for customers in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Round Rock, Belton, Temple, Killeen, and the surrounding areas.

When you work with our framing construction team at LOA, you won't be facing a long delay, worrying about a callback from, or leave other trades unable to move forward, waiting for framing to be completed. LOA Construction is responsive, and we answer calls 24/7!

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Why Choose LOA for Framing Construction Services?

At LOA, we have seen some shocking framing errors over our years working in the Austin area, and believe customers deserve better – much better. With 30+ years of perfecting our craft, we are very proud of the work of our framing construction team, who are committed to ensuring the job is done right, the first time!

When working with a framing contractor, you want to be confident in the quality of work and customer service.

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Why Choose LOA?

Framing Construction

Framing for Homes & Businesses in Austin, TX

Planning a home renovation project? If you're adding space to a home with a second story or new rooms or a new wing, our framing contractors can perform the work properly, quickly, and to code. We are often involved in upgrading residential properties by adding new space or altering the inner wall configuration to create a modern, open look.

No matter the type or size of framing construction project, quality framing is essential. Over our 30+ years working on homes and commercial buildings in the region, we are proud to have gained a reputation for excellence in all framing jobs.

Commercial properties often need upgrading, buildouts, or are being constructed, and will need top quality commercial framers to create the basics of the structure. We work closely with architects, developers, building owners, contractors, and real estate agents involved in large or small commercial projects.

Our team at LOA Construction specializes in delivering superior framing services, along with general contracting services. Find out more here about how to hire a qualified pro for framing.

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Framing Construction Elements

A frame, whether for a home or commercial property, has several elements, each of which must be installed correctly. The floor, wall, roof, and ceiling framing contractors at LOA Construction can provide services for the following:

Floor Framing:

  • Joists: The horizontal structure to support the floor, on which the walls are secured.
  • Truss: This element is fortified with metal plates, creating a stable support web to keep the floor steady and firm.
  • Sheathing: The subflooring involves panels fastened to the under structure.
  • Sill: This wooden framing element anchors the building to the foundation.

Wall Framing:

  • Top Plate & Bottom Plate: These elements provide the basic support to the roof and ceiling structure.
  • Studs: These framing elements are secured vertically between top and bottom plates.
  • Sheathing: The sheathing is placed to tie the studs together and may be made of various materials.
  • Doors & Windows: The door and window framing must be placed with extreme precision to ensure all elements will fit beautifully into the frame.

Roof Framing:

  • Rafters: The rafters span from the ridge of the structure to the external wall. The rafters create the roof shape.
  • Trusses: This element is installed to shift the weight of the roof evenly. Typically prefabricated, this element is not appropriate if an attic conversion is planned.
  • Decking: The decking sits above the roof frame, creating the underlying structure for the waterproofing layer and roof, and is typically plywood.

Ceiling Framing:

  • Joists: These horizontal pieces span the distance of a ceiling, transferring the weight of the upper structure onto the supporting studs.
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Our roofing contractors offer no cost, same day estimates for framing services of all types. Our framing construction experts handle residential and commercial framing contracting services alike. Besides framing, our team can provide storm and water restoration, commercial buildouts, patios, drywall, painting, and more. Please take a look at our general construction page for more info.

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Why Choose LOA?

Framing for Businesses in Austin, TX

Framing Services FAQs

  • What does framing mean in construction?

Framing in construction refers to the process of building a structural framework that serves as the support for a building or structure. This framework, made from materials such as wood, steel, or engineered wood, outlines the shape and supports the walls, floors, and roof of the building.

  • What are the three types of framing?

The three primary types of framing in construction are platform framing, balloon framing, and post-and-beam framing. Platform framing is the most common method, where each floor is framed separately, creating a platform for the next level. Balloon framing involves long continuous framing members (studs) that run from the foundation to the top of the structure, with floors hung in between.

  • What are the steps in framing a house?

First, we prepare and pour the base that will support the entire structure. Next is floor framing, where the floor system, including joists and subflooring, is constructed over the foundation to provide a stable base for the walls. Once the floor is in place, wall framing commences, involving the erection of exterior and interior walls, complete with openings for doors and windows. The framing process then moves to the ceiling and roof, adding ceiling joists and rafters or trusses to form the structure’s roof. Finally, the house is sheathed and wrapped.

  • How long does framing typically take?

The duration of the framing process can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the building, weather conditions, and the framing contractor's expertise. For a standard single-family home, framing can take anywhere from one to three weeks under ideal conditions. Larger or more complex structures will take longer, potentially several months.

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