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Minimum Slope Of A Metal Roof


While metal roofs have become the most popular material used in commercial applications over the years, metal has also found its way into the residential sector with its various options for homeowners. There are standing seam panels, shingles, metal tiles, and more that have been crafted to fit just about any architectural style that is currently in existence.


Minimum Slope For A Metal Roof


For the most part, the minimum pitch for metal roof installations depends on the type of metal material chosen and what method the material is being fastened. For the metal roof shingles, the minimum pitch for a panel that is non-soldered is three on twelve, this is a little higher for the minimum slope for an asphalt roof at 2:12. From there, the minimum pitch for metal panels depends on the methods used to join the panels. Panels joined with an applied lap sealant can go virtually flat. For low slope metal roofs that are nearly flat, modified bitumen roofing, thermoset, and thermoplastic single-ply are accepted and recommended.


Many homeowners wonder why there is a minimum pitch for metal roof applications. Due to the different factors that can happen over time that challenge the integrity of your roof if you are not prepared in advance. A steep slope roof is when the slope is greater than 3:12. Steeper slopes are ideal for areas that have higher snow loads and will also prevent the possibility of ponding water on the roof. When it comes to residential construction, your roof is a visible part of the structure. Choosing a metal roof for residential construction involves choosing a panel profile that will be aesthetically pleasing.


Low Slope Metal Roofing Problems


Roofs that have a low slope, typically have problems with water movement, and condensation buildup. Moisture problems can cause a plethora of problems like corrosion to metals and wiring, not to mention molds that decay wood. For the best results, the minimum slope for a metal roof should be around no less than three and a half on twelve. This will help the roof to perform at its best, metal roofs have many advantages and won’t give you a ton of problems.


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