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Benefits of Metal Roofing in Austin

Are you looking into investing in a new roof due to storm damage or wear and tear/old age? At LOA, we recommend choosing from various types of roofs, however, when it comes to overall durability, energy savings, longevity, and more, look no further than metal roofing.

Metal roofing has seen a growth in popularity in Austin, TX, and for good reason. While traditional types of shingle roofs like asphalt or clay tile still dominate the residential Austin skyline, an increasing number of homeowners are becoming interested in investing in the unmatched advantages of metal roofs. So, no longer are metal roofs just for commercial customers!

Beyond its distinct appearance, metal roofing offers durability and longevity benefits that set it apart from other roofing materials. From its beautiful styles, to its energy efficiency, to its fire resistance, metal roofs are certainly worth looking into for any homeowner residing in and around the Austin, TX area. Without further ado, let’s take a look at why metal roofs are beneficial and dive into some compelling reasons why metal roofing in Austin has an edge over its competitors:

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1. Energy Savings

The heat in Austin, TX can be relentless, pushing air conditioning systems to their limits. To combat the effects of the hot sun, homeowners can opt for a roofing system that efficiently combats its effects.

Metal roofs in Austin have the capability to deflect approximately 50% of solar radiation. This means reduced heat absorption, enabling air conditioning systems to run less frequently.

Furthermore, these roofs also allow for better heat escape from attics during winter, ensuring warmth when temperatures dip.

5 Benefits of Metal Roofs in Austin, TX

2. Less Expenses & Maintenance

It makes sense that a shingle roof would need an annual professional roof inspection. This type of roofing service helps homeowners tackle roof issues before the storm season hits. However, with metal roofing, such frequent inspections are unnecessary.

Austin residents can typically space out their inspections to every other year without compromising on safety. This halves the inspection-related expenses over the roof's life. Additionally, when repairs do arise, they tend to be quicker and more economical with metal roofing.

More information here in our article about what happens at a roof inspection.

Less Expenses and Maintenance - Metal Roofing

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3. Can Withstand Just About Everything

The robustness of standing seam metal roofing, like the kind LOA Roofing offers, is commendable. Its design ensures that heavy rain, snow, hail, sleet, and other inclement weather don't linger but slide off. The roof's resilience extends to wind resistance, mold and mildew prevention, and even protection against many pests.

Moreover, in the event of fire-related incidents, metal roofs don't facilitate flame spread. Transitioning to metal roofing enables Austin homeowners to feel more secure and pocket significant savings in the long run.

Red Roof Installation - Benefits of Metal Roofs

4. Longer Lifespan

The age of a roof is a pressing concern for many, particularly as insurance companies get stringent and often view roofs older than 10 years as liabilities. While shingle roofs usually have a life expectancy of up to 20 years, metal roofs boast a long lifespan, performing efficiently for 30 to 50 years.

When the time does come for roof replacement, the environmental footprint is minimal, as metal roofs can be entirely recycled. More information here about metal roofing cost and benefits.

Metal Roof Benefits in Austin, TX

5. Versatile with Many Styles

Metal roofs aren't just about durability and performance; they're also about aesthetics. They come in a wide array of designs ranging from corrugated and ribbed styles to standing seam designs. You can opt for metal shingles that mimic the look of traditional shingle, tile, wood, or slate, but with the robustness of metal.

Colors vary from the classic metallic shades to more vibrant hues, and finishes could be matte or high-gloss. With such versatility, homeowners can select a metal roof that enhances the architectural charm of their residence.

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Red Metal Roof Installation in Austin

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Need a roofing estimate? When it comes to metal roofing in Austin, Houston, Round Rock, San Antonio, and Belton, Temple, and Killeen, LOA Roofing is your go-to solution! Our team of roofers and project managers is dedicated to providing homeowners with only the best roofing services, ensuring durability, aesthetics, and efficiency.

With decades of experience, skilled craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence, our professional roofers guarantee roofing solutions tailored to your needs. Request an appointment today and let us elevate the aesthetics and safety of your home with our top-tier metal roofing installations, maintenance services, leak repairs, and emergency repair options. Please take a look at our metal roof gallery or check out this article about truths about metal roofing for homes to see if metal roofing is the right fit for you.

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