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Resolving Pooling on Your Flat Roof

As a home or commercial property owner, you are well aware of the various challenges that come with maintaining your building, and one of the critical areas that demands your attention is your building's roof. If your property features a flat roof, you may encounter a common issue known as water pooling or "ponding." Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs should not retain standing water for extended periods.

Ideally, any water accumulation should drain or evaporate within 48 hours following heavy rainfall. Failure to address this issue promptly can lead to significant problems that could affect both your roof's integrity and your building's overall structure.

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Understanding Ponding

Contrary to a common misconception, water should not pond on flat roofs. When standing water persists, it can result in extensive damage to your roof and bring about a host of related issues:

  • • Accelerated Roof Deterioration: Prolonged ponding can cause the roofing materials and coatings on your roof to degrade at a faster rate.
  • • Vegetation and Algae Growth: Ponding water can become a breeding ground for vegetation, moss, and algae, further compromising your roof's condition.
  • • Mold and Insect Infestations: Excess moisture can attract mold and insects, leading to potential health hazards and costly remediation efforts.
  • • Structural Damage: Ponding water can exert additional stress on your roof's structure, potentially causing it to sag and leak, which may necessitate costly repairs.

Addressing Ponding

To tackle ponding on your flat roof, consider the following steps:

  • • Don't Ignore It: Recognize that ponding water is a problem that requires immediate attention. Ignoring it can lead to more significant issues down the road.
  • • Redirect Water: Ensure your roof has an adequate number of drains, and consider widening them to handle more water. This will help prevent water from accumulating on your roof.
  • • Clear Current Drains: Regularly maintain your drains, rain gutters, and downspouts by removing debris such as sticks, branches, and leaves to enable proper drainage.
  • • Roof Repitching: If ponding is a persistent issue, consult with professional roofers to determine if your roof's slope is inadequate. They can assess and adjust the pitch to facilitate better water drainage.
  • • Repair Low Spots: Identify areas with low spots on your flat roof where water tends to collect. Fill these areas with roof plaster to create a shallower slope, allowing water to flow off the roof more efficiently.

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Why is Roofing Maintenance Vital for Preventing Pooling Water?

Proper roof maintenance is crucial to preserving the longevity of your commercial building. When dealing with flat roofs, it's essential to dispel misconceptions about ponding and take proactive steps to address the issue. Remember that standing water should not linger for extended periods on a flat roof.

If you encounter ponding, act promptly to prevent damage to your roof and the overall structure of your property.

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