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7 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider About a Roof Replacement

Besides questions relating to the roof inspection itself, one of the most common series of questions we get from home and commercial property owners are related to questions that you should ask your insurance provider about roof replacements or extensive roof services such as repairs.

To help you better prepare for asking questions, here are 7 questions from the LOA team to help you get started for when you speak with your insurance company:

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1. What Do Insurance Companies Check for on a Roof?

When you initiate a roof replacement claim, insurance companies typically dispatch an adjuster to evaluate your roof's problems and damage.

For eligibility, the primary signs of damage often include hail impacts, wind, leaks, or other inclement weather. Hazards like these can lead to noticeable symptoms like increased shingle wear or granule loss. Other indicators include curling or cracked shingles, exposed underlayment, or algae streaks.

Knowing what adjusters look for can help you anticipate their findings and understand their assessment better.

2. Will My Premiums Increase After a Roof Replacement Claim?

A common misconception is that filing a claim will automatically increase your homeowner's insurance rates. Unlike auto insurance, homeowners' policies operate differently.

In most instances, filing a roof replacement claim won't directly hike your rates. However, if a natural disaster affects multiple homes in your area, you might see a general rate increase.

3. How Does the Insurance Company Payment Process Work?

The next question you should ask your insurance company is: "how does the payment process work"? Ultimately, your coverage largely depends on the specifics of your policy. There are two primary policy types:

  • Actual Cash Value Policy: This considers roof depreciation over a decade. If damage occurs within this timeframe, you'll receive the roof's depreciated value.
  • Replacement Cost Policy: This covers the full roof replacement cost, but homeowners must handle the deductible.

Understanding your policy type ensures you have clear expectations regarding reimbursements.

4. Can I Seek a Second Opinion on My Claim?

If you believe your claim has been unjustly denied or undervalued, you're entitled to a second opinion. Sometimes oversights occur, or adjusters might rush evaluations.

Hiring a public adjuster for an independent assessment can provide clarity and potentially secure better coverage for you.

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5. Why Might Insurance Companies Withhold Depreciation?

Withholding depreciation can be perplexing for homeowners. This measure ensures you use the funds for the intended purpose — roof replacement.

By holding back some funds initially, insurance companies can adjust the final payout based on the actual repair invoice, ensuring accurate reimbursement.

6. Is it Necessary to Obtain Multiple Estimates?

While gathering multiple estimates seems logical, it might not be required. Your primary objective should be ensuring that your chosen contractor's charge aligns with the insurance company's estimate.

You will, however, need to ensure that your roofing contractor charges you either equal to or less than the estimate from the insurance company, since the company will only pay for the actual repairs.

7. Can I Claim for Fire or Animal Damage?

Policy specifics vary, but many insurance providers do cover fire or animal damages. However, if your roof's age exceeds certain limits (e.g., 20 years), it may be seen as beyond its life expectancy, potentially reducing or negating your claim.

Moreover, if inadequate maintenance is evident, the insurance company might also deny the claim. Always check the fine print of your policy.

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At LOA, our professional roofers understand that getting a roof replacement claim can be daunting. However, the more informed you are about the process and your policy, the smoother the experience will be. If in doubt, seek insights from experienced contractors who can guide you through the intricacies and ensure you get the services you rightfully deserve.

Let our team work with your insurance provider to help replace various roof types/materials like: asphalt, metal, clay, tile, shingle, flat, slate, or TPO roof. Our Austin, TX roofers can help you invest in the best roof types for your Texas home or business.

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