Roof Repair in Austin, TX

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At LOA Construction, we specialize in quality roof repairs – but we operate differently than other roofing contractors in Austin. Our team offers same-day roof inspections, roof repairs scheduled within a week, and customer-focused service from roofing specialists that genuinely care about you and your home. If your roof was damaged by wind, hail, rain, or age, LOA Construction is the leading residential roof repair company in Austin, TX.

Why Choose LOA Construction for Your Roof Repair?

When you work with our team at LOA roofing, you can be confident that your roofing job will be performed by experienced roofing professionals who take pride in the quality of their work. We are honored to be known for our:

  • 200+ Google reviews with 5-star ratings
  • No cost, same-day roof inspections
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Local Austin roof repair and installation company

In the Words of Our Customers…

These guys are amazing! Very professional, honest, and priced really well. Hard to find that combination with contractors!

Had a great experience with LOA Construction. They installed a new roof for us at one of our rental properties in Austin and did a great job! Zero complaints, highly recommend!!

Working with LOA has been one of the best customer service experiences of my life. They were prompt, polite, and very informative, and gave me updates every step of the way to make sure I understood what was going on. I cannot say enough good things about the experience.

Roof Leak? Storm Damage? Broken Tiles or Shingles?

A roof leak can lead to thousands of dollars of damage to the ceiling, drywall, flooring, or other structural elements. Our team at LOA Construction is proud to be known as the best roof repair service in Austin. Our residential customers appreciate our same-day complimentary roof inspections, easy estimate process and love that we can schedule quality roof repairs within the week.

For a same-day roof inspection for homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, and construction firms, our roofing company in Austin focuses on superior customer service and care. Avoid a far costlier repair and schedule a free, same-day roof inspection from our team at LOA Construction. We perform our work with honesty, integrity, and respect for your time and budget – and we will never pressure you. We are on your side.

Our Roof Repair Services

Our roofing specialists perform repairs on all roof types, including:

  • Flat roof repairs
  • Asphalt shingle repairs
  • Metal roof repairs
  • Concrete tile repairs
  • Clay tile roof repairs
  • Wood shake repairs
  • Skylight repairs
  • Roof sealing
  • Roof leak repairs

Signs You Need Roof Repair

If the roof on your home is more than ten years old, it should be inspected for damage. Ensuring your roof is well-maintained and in good repair protects the integrity and value of your home. If you observe a leak in your home, the problem should be repaired immediately before more expensive damage occurs. Some of the signs that the roof needs to be repaired include:

  • Broken, cracked, or missing shingles or tiles
  • Ceiling stains, condensation
  • Dark stains where roof and wall meet
  • Rusty gutters
  • Mold growth
  • Blistering or peeling exterior paint
  • Moss, algae, or green spots on your roof
  • Curling, dark or dirty shingles
  • Wear and tear around roof openings
  • Shingle pieces appearing in rain gutters
  • Damage from squirrels, raccoons, insects, and birds
  • Skylight damage
  • Worn, discolored, or bald shingles

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Types of Roof Damage

Your roof should be able to withstand the forces of the Austin, TX weather for many years. A typical roof has a lifespan of about 25 years. However, even a newer, properly installed, durable roof can be damaged by wind, hail, rain, and the blistering summer heat. Some roofing materials are more easily damaged by storms, hail, and wind than others, but no roof will last forever. Regular maintenance will help protect your home for the long term. Some common types of damage our team at LOA Construction commonly find in the Austin area include:

  • Broken, missing, or loose shingles. Strong winds, falling branches, and hail can break or rip off shingles, creating openings that allow water to enter the structure.
  • Exposed nails or staples. Exposed roofing nails and staples often rust and deteriorate over time, creating tiny openings that allow water to drip into the structure, causing damage to the structure over time.
  • Damaged flashing. Metal flashing creates a water barrier beneath the roof shingles. If the flashing or the flashing tar was put in place years ago, incorrectly installed, or has deteriorated due to weather, it can lead to a dangerous roof leak.
  • Punctures and cracks in roof tiles. Punctures and cracks can be caused by storm damage, left after removing a satellite dish, or a poor roof installation. Punctures and tears in the underlayment (the felt layer beneath the roof tiles), flashing, and moisture barriers on a home roof can cause damage to the structure that will require a more extensive repair.
  • Poorly installed roof: A roof may have been installed improperly, leading to a shorter roof lifespan, leaks, and missing or damaged tiles.
  • Screws backed out. Over time, the nail or screws that secure the roof tiles or shingles can back out, leaving the roof vulnerable to leaks, lost or damaged tiles, and other problems.

How Much Does
Roof Repair Cost?

The first step to determine the roof repair cost is an inspection from a roof repair specialist in Austin. The problems causing the roof leak may be minor, easily solved by replacing damaged tiles, or may require more. The experts at LOA Construction offer same-day roof inspections, with repairs scheduled within a week. For immediate service, use our online form, call us directly, or email us for a fast response.

Insurance and Roof Repair for Storm Damage

Your home insurance policy typically covers roof hail and storm damage. Call your insurance provider or your agent if your roof has been damaged, as you may have only a short window of time in which to file a claim. At LOA Construction, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless roof repair process , starting with a free roof inspection and estimate for roof repairs, the same day you contact us.

Roof Repairs in Austin: Same-day Estimates

If your roof needs repair, you don’t have time to wait for a roofing company to call you back, show up as promised, or get the job done fast. At LOA Construction, we are widely known as the best roof repair company in Austin and beyond. We are honored to have gained a stellar reputation with our residential customers and the many referrals they send our way – thank you! For a same-day inspection and repair estimate from a professional who respects your time and your budget, reach out to us to speak with a roof repair company you can trust.

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