Window Installation Austin, TX

Window Installation Austin, TX

Window Installation Austin

Are you a home or business owner in Austin, TX? Our window installers can come out to your location and provide professional window installations. If you are getting your new home or commercial building built you will need to also decide which windows you’d like installed. 

Our contractors make it easy to choose between your options and decide what price range works best for your budget. 

 LOA Roofing and Construction is a reliable exteriors company, committed to excellence in window installation. We are proud to provide quality window installations to clients throughout Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. 

To get started with your window installation, quote, please reach out to us at (855) 661-3431.

AUSTIN, TX Window Replacement

Looking for window replacement services in Austin? If you’ve been interested in replacing your windows for some time now, now is the time to discuss your options with our expert contractors. Make your dream windows a reality when you contact LOA Construction!

Perhaps your current windows are becoming older or don’t function properly. If that is the case, we’ll talk with you about the appropriate window type that can replace your old windows. There are many types of windows to choose from.

Some of the benefits involved with replacing windows include keeping your energy bills down and preventing leaking during a storm.  In addition, new windows can increase the value of your home if you are planning on selling it. 

Replacement windows will brighten up your kitchen, living room, dining area, and other areas in your home. Contact our window replacement specialists to get started on your window installation Austin, TX project today!

Window Installation Cost

You may be wondering what your total window installation cost will be. Certain types of windows, such as single-hung, double-hung, casement, and sliding windows cost less than other window options. 

More expensive window types include bay, bow, or skylight windows. If you are uncertain of which type of window to get, or budget is a concern, please give our friendly window installers a call today and we will help you make the right decision.

A beautiful window installation can really make a difference in your kitchen, living room, patio, or dining area. Our window contractors are a large team fully equipped to help you with your entire building project from start to finish – windows included! 

To get started with your dream windows, please get in touch with us at (855) 661-3431 today.

Types of Windows

There are many types of windows to choose from with pros and cons to each. Please browse through the different options below to see if any of these are what you are looking for in your new installation. Read to learn the 7 common types of windows used by builders, or see our detailed list below:


1. Single Hung Windows

The benefits of having our experts install single hung windows is that they are simple, easy-to-use, and commonly available on the market today. Single hung windows allow the homeowner to open the lower sash of the window up and down. The upper sash remains stationary.


2. Double Hung Windows

This window type is similar to single hung windows, except that both the upper and lower sashes move. Double hung windows allow for ease of cleaning the glass because they open outwards.


3. Arched Windows

These aesthetically pleasing windows will look beautiful in any kitchen, living room, or dining area. Most arched windows do not open, with an exception of a few that open similarly to casement windows.


4. Casement Windows

The casement window has doors that swing out towards the side or upwards when opened. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, the casement window is a great choice for homeowners. It is also still more affordable than other window types.


5. Bay Windows

The bay window provides character to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and other areas of your home. Unique and aesthetically pleasing, bay windows can be a focal-point in the center of your home. Protruding from an outside wall, they are typically characterized by three angled sides.


6. Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows also protrude out from your home, but are style in a circular fashion rather than with three sides. Though an expensive option, bow windows will be a visually stunning addition to your home. 


7. Awning Windows

Is moisture a concern? You may want to consider the awning window. Installing awning windows means you get water-resistance and ventilation. This window is hinged on the top and opens outwards from the bottom.


8. Egress Windows

Unlike some of the other windows listed here, egress windows aren’t for aesthetics. Our window installers typically install egress windows in the basement because they provide an emergency escape route in case of a fire in your building.


9. Glass Block Windows

Is privacy a concern? You may be interested in patterned or frosted glass block windows. Not only does this window type provide privacy, it also offers unique aesthetics in bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and other areas of your home where you want privacy and/or a unique look.


10. Round Circle Windows

Want a unique window style? Some homeowners deviate from the traditional rectangle and square shape, opting for a rounded window. 

Indeed, the unique round circle is perfect for a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or any other area of your home where you want a unique Victorian or Gothic style. The round, elliptical circle windows from LOA Construction provide visual interest to your home.


11. Sliding Windows

Have our window installers install a sliding window in your home if you have a bedroom or patio. The sliding window is a practical choice, with glass sections that open horizontally and glide via built-in tracks.


12. Skylight Windows

Looking for a way for natural light to shine in? You may want to consider the skylight window? Although this window type is more expensive than other types, they provide a modern style that many homeowners like. Enjoy the sunlight with a skylight window installation.

Bay Window Installation
Skylight Window Installation
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LOA Roofing and Construction’s window installation Austin, TX specialists are proud to serve Austin and the surrounding communities. 

Our window installers are certified experts with years of combined experience in the industry. When you reach out to us, we will help you select the window that works best for your project. Our window specialists are committed to excellence in the quality of work that we do. 

We also are willing to sit down with you and answer your questions about the entire window installation process.  Whether you have questions on pricing or window options, we are happy to work with you! We are fully committed to performing the work the right way. 

This is why LOA Roofing and Construction is your choice for window installations.

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