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If you are in the Austin, TX or Houston, TX area and are having a new home built or need a new window installation to replace your current one, LOA Roofing and Construction is your source for professional window services!

Our window installers are here to answer your questions about the type of window that is best suited to the style of your home or business. Simply fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (855) 661-3431 to inquire about our window installation services. Get your quote today!

Window Contractors

With years of experience in exterior and interior construction, the window contractors at LOA Construction have extensive experience in installing windows. 

No matter if you choose single hung windows, arched windows, or bay windows, our window contractors are here to provide answers to all your questions and give you a quote detailing the projected cost of your project.

Window Replacements

We are the window replacements experts! When your window has become old and is no longer functioning properly, our professionals will come out to assess your current window setup and provide an estimate for cost for a brand-new installation. 

If you have been hoping for a certain window type, now is the perfect time to have us install the window of your dreams! Contact us for a window replacement quote today.

Window Installation Cost

Wondering what the cost of your window installation will be? Typically, windows like single-hung, double-hung, casement, and sliding windows are more affordable options than other window types such as bay, bow, or skylight windows. Contact us for a quote to discuss your window installation cost and overall project.

If you have always dreamed of having beautiful windows in your living room, kitchen, or dining room, and need a replacement or brand-new installation – you have come to the right website! Our window contractors are not only skilled in roofing installations, but also windows, siding, and other types of exteriors. 

We are also interior experts, which means we make sure your new windows look their absolute best when viewing from outside or inside your home, office, or business! 

Our window contractors care about the quality of work we put into window installations, so call us at (855) 661-3431 to get in touch with one of our window contractors today.

Window Types

Below are just some of the types of windows that you can choose to have installed in your home or business:


1. Single Hung Windows

Practical and among some of the most common window styles available, the single hung window type allows you to open the window in an up-and-down fashion. The lower sash slides vertically, whereas the upper sash remains stationary.

2. Double Hung Windows

This window type is like a single hung window type, however, the double hung window allows for both the upper and lower sashes to move. In addition, this window style allows for the convenience of tilting out for the home or business owner to easily clean the glass. 

Typically more expensive than the single hung window type, contact our window experts for a quote.

3. Arched Windows

Perhaps you have always envisioned your living room to have a large, beautiful arched window. If you’re remodeling your home or moving into a brand-new home, now may be the perfect time to invest in an arched window. 

Unlike single and double hung windows, most arched windows do not have the capability of opening. However, some arched windows do open like a casement window.

4. Casement Windows

This window type is characterized by doors that either swing out to the side or up when opening. Both a practical and stylish choice, this window type allows a less obstructed view then some although options.

5. Bay Windows

Providing style to your living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and family rooms, the bay window protrudes from an outside wall, jutting out from the house in, usually, a three-sided window. We install one window in the center and the other two on either side, angled at 30 to 40 degrees.

6. Bow Windows

This window type is like bay windows in that it juts out from the home or business in a circular fashion, creating a visually appealing style. If you have always wanted a stylish way to spruce up your home or business, please contact our window installation experts to get a quote for your bow windows

7. Awning Windows

If you live in an area with much rain, you may want to consider awning windows. This window type creates a water-resistant awning when opened. Hinged on the top, awning windows open outward from the bottom. In addition to protection from the rain, this also allows for ventilation.

8. Egress Windows

Less about aesthetics and more about safety, our window contractors install egress windows to allow for an emergency escape route should there be a fire in your home or business. Egress windows are typically installed in the basement.

9. Glass Block Windows

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing option that also allows for privacy, a glass block window installation may be what you’re looking for. Most glass block window types feature a patterned or frosted design. This allows for the light to shine through while also maintaining privacy.

10. Round Circle Windows

If you want to add some unique visual interest to your home, consider a round, half round, elliptical, or oval window shape. Round circle windows provide a modern or even Victorian or Gothic feel to your residence.

11. Sliding Windows

A popular choice for bedrooms and patios, this window type consists of two glass sections. One of the sections opens horizontally over the other section, gliding easily through built-in tracks.

12. Skylight Windows

Looking for a way to bring lots of natural light into your home? The skylight window, which is essentially a window for your roof, is a modern and appealing way to allow sunlight to come in from the ceiling. 

There are several types of skylight windows to choose from, including fixed skylight, manual vented, electric vented, and roof skylight windows. Contact our experts to discuss options and pricing.

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When it comes to window installations, our experts are skilled in helping you choose the window that works best for your project. We are window contractors who genuinely care about the quality or work that we do.

Our window installers are willing to sit down and talk with you about the entire process, from the quote, to selecting the window type, to completion of installation. 

We educate our customers about the work we do and are fully committed to performing the work the right way. This is why LOA Construction is the best choice when it comes to window installations.

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