Siding Replacement San Antonio, TX

Siding Replacement San Antonio, TX

Local siding services

Are you looking for siding replacement in San Antonio, TX? We serve the San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, Texas communities. Our siding contractors are skilled in siding replacements, installations, and repairs alike. We provide expert opinions and free estimates on your storm, wind, hail, or moisture damage. For smaller projects, we may perform a siding repair, otherwise, for larger projects with more significant damage, it may be time for a full siding replacement. 

LOA Roofing and Construction stands out from the competition because we build trust with our clients. With years of combined experience in the industry, we take time to listen to your questions and concerns. Our experts will discuss durability, color, style, and best value to aid you in your choice of siding.

Vinyl Siding Replacement

If you are located in San Antonio and you need a vinyl siding replacement, you have come to the right place. Many homeowners are not aware when they need new siding. The reason for this is because many times, siding damage is not easily seen. Homeowners may not deal with the problem until it becomes more urgent. Watch for the top signs you need to replace your home’s siding.

Our siding replacement specialists can assess the current state of your siding. We will notate any issues we find and will talk to you about your options. Our goal is to make sure we catch these issues before the condition of your vinyl siding worsens.

Siding replacement protects your home from the elements, including storms, hail damage, and gusty winds. Choosing a professional siding replacement service ensures protection against common problems like dirt, moisture, and insects. A poor siding installation can have serious effects on your home’s exterior over time. To help prevent long-lasting issues, you will want to choose experienced vinyl siding replacement contractors to ensure your siding lasts for as long as possible.

siding Repair in San Antonio

We are also siding repair experts. If a storm has recently pummeled through your area, you may find that tree branches, hail, and wind damage may have wreaked havoc on the exteriors of your home. As a result, a siding repair or even replacement project may be required. In the end, then, your cost will depend on the extent of the damage.

While some companies avoid smaller projects, LOA Construction will help with larger and small siding repair projects alike. No matter the size of the project, please feel free to give our team a call. However, in the case of more severe damage from wind, hail, a hurricane, or a tornado, expect your overall cost to increase. We are committed to excellence in our siding repair projects!

Siding Replacement San Antonio TX

San Antonio Siding Installation

It is essential that siding installation is done correctly. The siding should be correctly installed on the side of your home or business. Although the hiring of a siding handyman can accomplish this task, keep in mind that you won’t get a large team of experts who have extensive knowledge in siding installations.

Siding Installation Options

In the end, be sure to hire siding installers who use the right materials and install them appropriately. Here at LOA Roofing and Construction, it’s our goal to have your home looking its absolute best. Our siding installers will talk with you about pricing, siding style, durability, and more. If you want more durable or unique options than vinyl siding, consider having our experts install some of the following exterior siding options:

  • – Insulated vinyl siding
  • – LP SmartSide
  • – Hardie board siding
  • – Everlast composite siding
  • – Natural wood siding
  • – Manufactured wood siding
  • – Metal siding
  • – Brick siding
  • – Stone siding

siding services cost

Our siding contractors will talk with you about your siding services’ overall cost. We will assess your current siding’s condition. The cost of your siding will depend on the type of siding we are installing, the size of the home, garage, or business, or the size of the area we are working with. 

Once you contact us, our team will provide a free estimate of your total repair or replacement cost. Please get in touch with us by filling out our form, giving us a call, or sending us an email.



If you are a San Antonio, TX resident or business owner, you will at some point need siding contractors to replace your siding. Likewise, with a new building construction, you will need a fresh siding installation. When it comes to siding services, you will want to hire experts who care about building trust with their clients.

At LOA Roofing and Construction, not only are we skilled in both interior and exterior projects, but we also keep open communication with our clients.


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