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Is the roof on your home or commercial property showing signs of wear and tear, storm damage, or age? A damaged or weakened roof can allow water to enter the structure, causing mold growth, leaks, and affecting the integrity of your home or building.

Roof Storm Damage in San Antonio

After a heavy storm moves through the San Antonio area, with wind, rain, hail, or even snow, your roof may need to be repaired – as quickly as possible. With 21 hailstorms in San Antonio in a recent year, it is common to see homes with severely damaged roofs. Windstorms, falling branches, or flying debris may have left your roof with missing or broken tiles, or worse. Contact LOA Construction, San Antonio’s premier roof repair contractor, for a same-day, no-cost roof inspection.

The LOA Construction Difference: Superior Service and Care

At LOA Construction, we offer same-day, no-cost roof inspections to our friends and neighbors throughout the San Antonio area. If you have concerns about roof damage, you can trust us to be honest, straightforward and keep the cost of repairs as low as possible. We never advise repairs you don’t need and do not engage in pressure sales. Our reputation for excellence is based on our belief that our customers deserve repairs from a contractor committed to the highest quality service and care.

Types of Roof Damage That Can Lead to Repairs

  • Wind damage: The powerful windstorms common in San Antonio can rip tiles off your roof, lead to damage from flying debris, and leave your roof in poor condition, requiring a comprehensive roof repair.
  • Hail damage: Hailstorms are part of life in San Antonio. Larger hailstones dent our vehicles, windows – and the roofing system on your home. You may not initially notice your roof has been damaged, but soon notice water stains on the ceiling, darkened spots on the roof, or missing tiles. The repairs should be performed as quickly as possible to protect your home’s structural integrity.
  • Falling branches, trees: A strong windstorm can rip off limbs, topple trees, and cause severe roof damage that must be repaired as swiftly as possible to avoid more severe damage to the home’s roof, understructure, frame, and prevent leaks and mold growth.
  • Ice, snow, and water damage: Extreme cold, along with snow, sleet, and freezing rain, has become more common in San Antonio in recent years. While still rare, these storm systems can seriously damage the integrity and beauty of your home’s roof, causing leaks, missing shingles, ice buildup, leading to leaks that can damage the structure.

Experienced Roof Repair Specialists in San Antonio

Our San Antonio roofing team at LOA Construction takes pride in the quality of our work, and we are dedicated to responsive, professional service. When you use our contractors, you are choosing the best roof repair contractors in San Antonio:

  • Over 200 5-star reviews on Google
  • Free, same-day roof inspections
  • We warranty all roofing work
  • Roof repair for asphalt, shingle, clay tile, metal, concrete tile, shake, synthetic slate, rolled roofing

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In the Words of Our Customers…

Nothing communicates our dedication to superior service and work than reading what our customers have to say about us in reviews:

We worked with the LOA team after a hailstorm and have been extremely happy with the work that the team have done and would recommend them to anyone needing roof or other work done on their home. We especially appreciated the honesty and directness when we asked for advice and opinions. We are glad to have found a trustworthy company that we can rely on for any future work we decide to do on our home.

We used LOA Construction for a new roof and gutters after a hailstorm. From start to finish, we were impressed with the service and quality. Our LOA project manager was great at communicating. To a few unforeseen issues, like rotting wood, LOA responded quickly. The workers did quality work and cleaned up. Highly recommend!

I was getting water inside my house when it rained, so I needed to have my roof replaced. The project manager was knowledgeable and answered any questions I had (and I had a lot). I definitely felt they were looking out for my best interests and not trying to keep me locked into only one product.” They exceeded every expectation and always went above and beyond! I would highly recommend LOA’s services to friends and family.

Experience, Exceptional Work, and Personalized Service

If your roof needs a repair, we invite you to meet with a different kind of roofing contractor. At LOA Construction, our reputation for excellence is built on our commitment to delivering superior outcomes, personalized, responsive service, with genuine care for every customer we serve. Our roofers are professional, use the correct repair practices, and will never leave a mess at your home. We want to be the San Antonio roofing contractors you call upon in all the years ahead.

Home Insurance and Roof Repair in San Antonio, TX

Most Texas home insurance policies provide coverage for a roof damaged by extreme weather. Pull out your policy or call your insurance provider to get the details on your coverage. Insurance companies will require claims to be filed within a specific time, so it’s important to take advantage of our same-day inspection and quote. At LOA Construction in San Antonio, our entire goal is your peace of mind, delivered rapidly and securely.

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