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5 Signs Your House Needs New Siding

Most homeowners are unsure if it is time to get new siding for their home. Siding will show signs for when it is time to change it out for something newer and healthier. As there are many different siding options, warning signs can vary, but most siding has at least one of these five warning signs that your house needs new siding. If your siding has any of these issues, you will need a full siding replacement.

1.Damaged Panels

In most cases, if you notice any damage to your siding, such as holes, then you are looking at a full siding replacement. Especially if widespread damage has occurred or the siding has been left unrepaired. In cases such as these, a simple siding repair is rarely the best choice or even an option. When you have damage to your siding, it is always best to have a professional inspect it as there could be damage from insects that have destroyed the wood siding on your home.

2. Cracking, Fading, or Peeling

If your siding is cracking, fading, or peeling, these are all signs of aging and typically can happen from harsh sunlight or the various weather conditions. If you painted your siding and it won’t stay on well anymore, this is a sign it’s time to replace it.

3. Water or Moisture Damage

There are always the obvious signs that your home’s siding needs replaced, such as rotting, mold, and fungus growth. Of course, there are several other signs that point to water damage. These other signs can consist of warping or swelling that can occur in some materials. Moisture damage will show itself in the form of rust on steel siding.

4. Interior Wall Damage

Although the siding itself may look fine from the outside, if you have moisture or water damage to the inside of your walls, then you could have an issue with your siding. This is often the sign of a very serious problem and warrants immediate action.

5. High Energy Bills

If you have gaps or holes in your siding or have old insulation, these issues will present themselves in high electric bills every month. Save yourself some money and create a more controlled temperature in your home. Get worn siding replaced and have additional insulation added if needed.

Consulting a professional is the best choice when determining whether you need a repair or a complete replacement of your siding. Our siding experts here at LOA Construction can help you identify the best course for your siding project. Contact us today to get started!

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